Manipulated Through Time

Date Posted

January 7, 2009

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Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin


Steve Gaynor

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We loudly ring in Year of the Video Game with a double episode of pst-holiday warmth. Like a worried mom, we lecture about driving under the influence of video games. Like a drunk uncle, we can't shut up about "ol' Spelunky." You know (wink), "the Tomb Raider?"

Games Discussed Edit

Prince of Persia (2008), Tomb Raider Underworld, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia (1989), Nobi Nobi Boy, Osmos, Brainpipe, Spelunky, Bus Driver

Synopsis Edit

"Synopsis of the episode go here"

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YouTube Timestamps Edit

  • 01:02Intro - Nick has Nintendo Thumb
  • 02:14Katamari Damacy - And it's effects on driving
  • 03:11Burnout Revenge - Resisting the urge to near miss in real life
  • 03:11Grand Theft Auto - Teaching kids how to drive
  • 05:35Grand Theft Auto III - Steve's 16-hour play session
  • 07:09Grand Theft Auto - Teaching useful information about cars blowing up
  • 09:14Noby Noby Boy - Overarching goal
  • 10:25Noby Noby Boy - Moog synth (it's pronounced "mohg")
  • 10:55Noby Noby Boy - Art style, graphics, and physics
  • 12:00Interactive Title Screens - Stretchin' Mario's face
  • 13:08Pikmin 2 - Multiplayer
  • 15:38Online Multiplayer - It can be the worst
  • 16:40First-Person Games - Seeing your body in them
  • 20:05Gamer Body Image - It could be better
  • - They've resorted to actively requesting people buy redirects
  • 23:44IBM PC Compatable - Or Tandy
  • 24:36Jake Doesn't Play Video Games - And it's the Year of the Video Game
  • 26:17Ghosts - Of the Dad variety and otherwise
  • 27:16Tomb Raider - Horrible, appropriate neck-snappign sound when diving onto rocks
  • 28:56Tomb Raider - Recent series history
  • 30:27Tomb Raider - Chris' experience with the original
  • 33:49Big Steam Sale - Chris buys too many games
  • 34:16Prince of Persia (2008) - Calculated inoffensiveness
  • 35:45Challenge - An integral part of games
  • 38:52Prince of Persia (2008) - A "nice" experience
  • 40:15Tomb Raider: Underworld - A game where your actions have consequences
  • 41:33Prince of Persia - A game with gruesome deaths
  • 41:58Tomb Raider: Underworld - Using risk to motivate players
  • 44:17Auto-Correcting in Platformers - The appropriate amount
  • 45:23Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - Giving players information and the ability to do what they want
  • 46:31Prince of Persia (2008) - Implied fiction of the environment
  • 48:20Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - The Prince is a horrible storyteller
  • 51:27Tomb Raider: Underworld - Art direction
  • 54:20Break - Hope you enjoyed that son
  • - The site is up
  • 57:39Redirects -
  • 59:07Idle Thumbs Forums - Featuring the text-adventure bot
  • 1:03:38World of Goo - Story
  • 1:05:27World of Goo - Puzzle games that mix up mechanics
  • 1:06:03Everyday Shooter - Hype and also how good the game is
  • 1:09:11Noitu Love 2 - The PC-centric game with retro console graphics
  • 1:11:27Osmos - Programmers sure do love gravity
  • 1:14:01Ambient Music - A current trend in indie games
  • 1:15:39Brain Pipe - It's a pipe that goes through a brain
  • 1:20:06Spelunky - Speeeeeeeeeelunky!
  • 1:20:26Jobs in Gaming - Sometimes people don't know what they are
  • 1:21:44Spelunky - The Rouge-like platformer
  • 1:24:03Bus Driver -Featuring Cockfosters
  • - The mystery revealed
  • 1:28:40Reader Mail - Guilty Pleasures - Blacksmithing in Fable II and Dong Card
  • 1:35:47Reader Mail - FPSs - Console and PC control schemes
  • 1:40:10Consoles - Where social gaming happens
  • 1:44:00Reader Mail - Half Life - More evidence that Gordon Freeman is a sociopath
  • 1:49:59Outro - Speeeeeeeeeeeeelunky Four...teen