Let the Games Begin
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Predestined to be the shit.

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October 10, 2008

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Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Nick Breckon



Official description Edit

Throw away your bifocals and burn your books. Why rely on reading comprehension when you can sit on your ass and listen to us talk? Idle Thumbs is back, now with 100% fewer articles, and we've been hitting the preview events just for you.

Games Discussed Edit

Fallout 3, Mega Man 9, Gears of War 2, Wario Land: Shake It!

Other Games Mentioned Edit

Oblivion, Diablo II, Peggle, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros., Lemmings 3D, DuckTales, Crysis, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Call of Duty 4, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Red Alert 3

Synopsis Edit

After introducing themselves and the podcast, the Thumbs launch into a discussion of video games, starting with Nick reserving judgment on Fallout 3 after playing the demo for the third time.  Chris and Jake are looking forward to it, but neither knows why.  Chris doesn't walk to talk about piracy or DRM, but he does want to talk about people who play the shit out of a couple of games and don't play anything else.  After telling a story of a Gamestop clerk who doesn't like casual games but thinks Peggle is pretty sweet, Jake segs into an explanation of Wario Land: Shake It!, and Chris reveals that he's too much of a baby for Mega Man 9.  This leads to a discussion of video game music and how it influences and is influenced by other music.

Nick can't comment on specifics of Gears of War 2 due to 'bargoes, so he reveals his feelings about it through facial expressions.  Chris shares an amusing aural nugget from eBay, and the Thumbs go on to discuss the Max Payne and DOOM movies and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper as well as giving you what you need when you need it.  Chris says some stuff about Red Alert 3, and the episode concludes with a reprise of the eBay thing.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • "They can soak themselves in Fallout." -- Chris
  • "Seen through a lens of not as awesome." -- Jake

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YouTube Timestamps Edit

  • 00:30 Intro
  • 01:23Meet the Cast
  • 02:33The Holiday Season - In the Modern Epoch
  • 03:27Fallout 3 - The Megaton Game
  • 07:00Fallout 3 - Scaling Levels
  • 08:14Fallout 3 - Expectation
  • 13:11Fallout 3 - "Big, longtime fan"
  • 15:48Bethesda - Hittin' the Big Time!
  • 18:30One-Game Hardcore Gamers - "But if they're anything like Peggle...
  • 23:45Wario Land: Shake It! - I'll fight you
  • 24:09PLAYSTATION 3 ® - It's a computer
  • 24:44 Wario Land: Shake It! - Official Manual Art: The Video Game
  • 26:43The Super Mario Series - Galaxy vs. the not so awesome
  • 28:36Mega Man 9 - Lacking Context
  • 34:48Video Game Music - Basically Oingo Boingo
  • 35:24Video Game Music - Distinction between eras
  • 37:48Gears of War 2 - Facial expressions do not violate embargoes
  • 40:20On Rails vs. Open Shooters - Viability
  • 43:17Deus Ex - Does not contain a game disc or game cartridge
  • 46:23Max Payne (movie) - "Just Max Payne"
  • 50:44Doom (movie) - Reviewed at
  • - What you need when you need it
  • 52:24Red Alert 3 - Dolphins with lasers
  • 56:26Red Alert 3 - America's Funniest RTS Bloopers
  • 57:37Red Alert 3 - Get this, there's TWO time machines
  • 59:33Outro - Does not contain game disc or game cartridge