Field of Dreams
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That Dang Ol' Republic

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October 22, 2008

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Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Nick Breckon


Steve Gaynor

"Its October 22nd 2008 and Peter Molyneux is smiling at your farts"

Official Description Edit

Did you hear BioWare is working on a Star Wars MMO set in the KOTOR universe? Oh, you did? Nick and Chris talk about their day at the Old Republic reveal event, Thumbs alum and BioShock 2 designer Steve Gaynor of 2K Marin joins us as a special guest, Jake turns into an old man, and more. Listen in!

Games Discussed Edit

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Fable II, Far Cry 2, BioShock 2, Yakuza 2, Diablo II, Oblivion

Other Games Mentioned Edit

World of Warcraft, BioShock, Black & White, Metal Gear Solid 4, Peggle, Mass Effect

Synopsis Edit

Steve Gaynor joins the Thumbs for the first time and the four launches into a discussion on Star Wars: the Old Republic. Talk includes the focus on story, ai companions and how saving the world eventually becomes an acronym that everyone has already done. Steve revels the secret that big daddys sound hilarious when sped up but won’t say anything about the sandcastles in Bioshock 2. Nick is still under the Gears of War 2 embargo so you’ll have to keep listening. Chris has really gotten into the real-estate part of Fable 2 and has bought the castle and really likes the dog. Steve has been playing the co-op and enjoys being a mischievous English child.

After the break Steve talks about how he got hired at 2k Marin and about a fake underwater hotel. Steve and Chris are excited to be immersed in Far Cry 2 but Jake thinks he’s too much of an old man to deal with the open world. This leads to a conversation about open worlds and side content.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • "You can't actually have an orgy buy you can get them ready for it." -- Chris, on Fable 2 NPC's
  • "Idle Thumbs: A podcast you read with your ears" -- Steve
  • "I am the wizard" -- Nick, on Diablo 3

Notes Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Steve Gaynor on the podcast & the first use of Hot Scoop at 1:21
  • The Thumbs get arrested at 42:40, 44:55 and 48:04.
  • The episode title is taken from the conversation Steve and Chris have about the Bioshock 2 trailer

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YouTube Version Timestamps Edit

  • 00:58Intro - The first appearance of Steve "Hot Scoops" Gaynor
  • 01:46Star Wars: The Old Republic - That dang o' republic
  • 02:07Star Wars: The Old Republic - The MMO about stories
  • 03:53Star Wars: The Old Republic - Player-focused narrative in a shared world
  • 04:56Diablo II - Turning a story into a grind
  • 05:58Story in Games — How MMOs undermine your involvement
  • 08:50Star Wars: The Old Republic - Parallel story arcs
  • 09:45Star Wars: The Old Republic - AI companions
  • 10:58Star Wars: The Old Republic - Writing
  • 11:45Star Wars: The Old Republic - Playing as a single-player game
  • 13:20World of Warcraft - When you've had enough
  • 15:20BioShock - Secret of the Big Daddy whale voice
  • 16:52Sound Effects - They are comprised of lots of crazy stuff sometimes
  • 17:31BioShock - Field of Dreams
  • 18:22Star Wars: The Old Republic - What have we learned?
  • 18:55Gears of War 2 - The Neverending Embargo
  • 20:06Fable II - Look at that castle!
  • 22:16Fable II - Evil girls wear eyeliner
  • 23:38Fable II - Molyneuxed out to the extreme
  • 24:23Fable II - Interactions with NPCs
  • 26:37Fable II - Representing relationships
  • 28:23Black & White - Zooming in on ants
  • 28:48Fable II - The dog
  • 29:31Fable II - Breadcrumb trail
  • 31:00Fable II - Co-op
  • 32:41Fable II - "Open" world
  • 34:09 Fable II and Oblivion - Color
  • 35:39Ultra Boost - (commercial)
  • 36:05Steve Gaynor - Entering the industry through the modding community
  • 45:16BioShock - The citizens of Rapture
  • 46:00Dubai's Underwater Hotel - It's hilarious and fake
  • 48:41Far Cry 2 - Playing it at some point
  • 49:05Metal Gear Solid 4 - Tom Chick's review
  • 49:46Far Cry 2 - Immersion and simulation
  • 51:35Open World Games - Jake is an old man is scared of them
  • 53:51BioShock - Playing without the quest arrow
  • 54:34Open World Game - Missing content
  • 55:14Yakuza 2 - Side content
  • 57:35Open World Games - Compulsion to see side content
  • 58:47Side Content - Perceived quality
  • 1:00:20Yakuza 2 - The horrible rapper
  • 1:02:13Mass Effect - Laze the space base
  • 1:03:02Far Cry 2 - It'd better be awesome
  • 1:03:52Reader Mail - Casual Addiction - Falling into the Peggle coma
  • 1:07:21Reader Mail - Steam - And re-correctly spelled names
  • 1:08:15Reader Mail - Beating Blizzard Games - Are you a video game freak?
  • 1:11:06Reader Mail - Indie Games - Losing the wood amongst the trees
  • 1:11:41Reader Mail - Diablo III - The 20-minute game
  • 1:12:54Reader Mail - Granola Flavor - Without peanuts is critical
  • 1:14:16Ultra Boost - Outtakes