"Its November 12th 2008 and Noah Heller is pulling shit out of his ass"

Episode 6:Explode Mode
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A J. Allard Special

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November 12, 2008

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Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Nick Breckon


Brad Shoemaker

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Your old Xbox is about to become your new Xbox, but that might mean you just start using your Netflix account again. Special guest Brad Shoemaker of Giant Bomb gently guides us through the minefield of this week's scandals, helps us finally close the book on Far Cry 2, and rekindles our love of J. Allard.

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Rock Band 2 ION Drum Rocker, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, Space Giraffe, New Xbox Experience.

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The thumbs return for another cast and while Chris doesn't have a song they make up for it with guest Brad Shoemaker. The podcast begins with a discussion on how weird of a guy Noah Heller. Him and Robert Bowling have come to verbal blows over the upcoming Call of Duty game. Everyone laughs about super douches and asses for awhile before they agree that Noah is just digging his own grave. Nick and Chris have a competition to see who can spend the most on fake instruments because they both got the Rock Band ion drum set. Nick likes them but his cymbals don't work and that makes him sad. Chris thinks its a good step between regular rock band drums and real electronic drum and it wont annoy your neighbors. Brad has finished Far Cry 2 and begrudging likes it but didn't like the nonstop driving and being constantly attacked but as he got better at the game he enjoyed it more but Nick is still hating it. Never missing a chance to talk about Far Cry 2 Chris compares it to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

After the break J Allard is briefly talked about before the conversation switches to the new xbox experience. Microsoft is giving a crazy amount of advertising. Jake likes the push for downloadables on the xbox and really highlights that Playstation still cant find its niche and never built there brand identity. Brad likes the layout of the marketplace but hates the way the friends list works and Chris agrees. Brad also really likes how well the Netflix works. Nick needs help either fixing or breaking his xbox. Games for Windows Live has also updated so its not a terrible port anymore and Chris compares it to Steam. Finally reader mail which includes what the thumbs want in the Far Cry 3, concerns about vats in Fallout 3, a request to stop laughing so much and the love of one Australian.

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Memorable quotes Edit

  • “I do love him” Chris on Jude Law

  • "I'm Mr. Snarky today" Jake

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YouTube Timestamps Edit

  • 00:53Intro - With Giant Bomb's Brad Shoemaker
  • 01:37Noah Heller vs. Robert Bowling - Senior/Señor Super Douche
  • 06:35Noah Heller - Only plays real games. Like Halo.
  • 07:53Asses - And what is pulled out of them
  • 08:26Noah Heller - Does not work for Treyarch, please don't say that
  • 09:35CoD: World at War - And Enemy at the Gates, for some reason
  • 10:33Noah Heller - Wrote some patents for XBox apparently
  • 12:10Rock Band 2 - ION Drum Rocker
  • 18:25Questions and contents - Send them to the podcast
  • 19:32Far Cry 2 - Drivin' everywhere
  • 21:21The Abilitease - As featured in Metroid
  • 22:13Far Cry 2 - The Anti-abilitease
  • 24:55Far Cry 2 - For the millionth week in a row
  • 25:25Left 4 Dead - Demo server issues
  • 26:26Left 4 Dead - Voice chat
  • 30:29Break - The Brown Zune
  • 31:22Space Giraffe - Featuring J Allard
  • 32:56NXE - The New XBox Experience, not featuring J Allard
  • 34:43XBox 360 - The Online Console
  • 35:21PlayStation 3 - Lacking a niche
  • 37:04NXE - And its weird HD intro movie
  • 38:34NXE - Friends lists and mini blades
  • 40:24NXE - Avatars
  • 41:24NXE - Netflix
  • 43:16NXE - Release Date conspiracy theory
  • 45:05XBox 360 - Hardware reliability
  • 46:55Games For Windows Live - It has a new experience too
  • 56:25Steam - The all-in-one hub
  • 58:08Community Notes - Someone reviewed the podcast on iTunes, hint hint
  • 59:21Reader Mail - Far Cry 2 - Hopes for the inevitable sequel
  • 1:03:02Reader Mail - Fallout 3 - V.A.T.S.
  • 1:05:49Reader Mail - Laughing - There's too damn much
  • 1:07:06Outro - Lunch Science