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The Basics

Jake "Video Games" Rodkin is a Writer, Graphic designer, Game designer and one of the founding editor of Idle Thumbs.

Fan Depiction of Jake

"Video Games Rodkin burst onto the scene in 1968, where his hit TV show was a hit with the nation. Later, he married his high school sweetheart Nintendo but they eventually divorced when it emerged that he was having an affair with Microsoft.

Rodkin stands thirty three feet tall and has defeated seventeen Wizards in single combat. Some claimed this is not entirely accurate and Rodkin was merely beating up old men in the street and the issue is the cause of much controversy to this day. An old wizard tale even recounts that in ancient times, Jake Rodkin was one of the reincarnation of Ganondorf because of his masterful impersonation of a piggy.

Thanks to his supernatural power, Jake managed himself to travel thorough time & mold the world as he see fits. Indeed, the legend says that in year 2999, he was trained in a derelict basement of Apple inc. headquarters & learned how to impersonate the Master of Time, the robotic Lord "MacInTalk Pro Bruce High Quality" & save the world from his evil grasp.

When not casting pods, Jake controls what Tim Schafer's parents see on the internet.

Rodkin's goal in life is to move to Oregon and contract Measles.

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