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Nick Breckon extends a friendly greeting

Niko Breckon is a 30 year old former soldier who moved to San Francisco to escape his troubled past and pursue the "American Dream." He was persuaded to move by his cousin, Video Games, who claimed to be living a life of luxury with beautiful women, sports cars and lots of money. It soon became apparent, however, that he ran a failing taxi business, had mounting debts and various criminals from San Francisco's underworld had put a price on his head. Aware of Niko's violent past, Video Games had lied to convince his cousin to move to the city, knowing that Niko would fight against his pursuers, and eventually be the one to turn his lies into a reality. Niko, however, also had other, underlying motivations for moving to San Francisco, which are revealed as the story unfolds. His native tongue is Serbian.

Breckon eventually changed his name to "Nick Breedon" and fled San Francisco for the relative safety of Bethesda. Unfortunately this backfired when his departure caused the creation of an angry cartel. Known as "Los Fuck Nick," they pooled their money to hire a hitman to eliminate Breedon. Sadly their man "Hot Scoops" only got as far as Boston before losing Breedon's scent. He now ownders the wilds of the East Coast, alone, waiting for the sound that will herald his end. "Fuck Nick."