The Basics

Sean "Famous" Vanaman is a Lead Writer & a Designer at Telltale Games and recurrent guest & then regular contributor of the Idle Thumbs Podcast.

He formerly worked at Disney Interactive as part of the Creative Development team & layed out the basis of the game "Disney Epic Mickey".

He then went on to work at Telltale Games creating games & became famously known in 2012 for being the creative lead of The Walking Dead game along with Jake Rodkin.

On the 18th september 2013, Sean was joined by Jake Rodkin, Olly Moss & Nels Anderson to announce the creation of their own independent video game studio called Campo Santo.

He first appeared in the Idle Thumbs Podcast as a guest on The Idle Thumbs Conf Grenade 2010: Phaedrus 2010.

Fan Depiction of Famous Vanaman

A lost prince from the long lived dynasty of the Vanaman, an ancient Irish noble family who lived during the Middle Ages & had a crowning achievement with the assassination of the queen of England.

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