Cover for the original Space Cop. (Known as Space Cops in Japan.)

Space Cop=== First released in 1987, Space Cop is a point and click adventure game that takes place in the same universe as the Mass Effect series. It recieved warm reviews by sites such as IGN which stated 'This game will punch you in the balls and ride you like a horsebag.'


Following a theft at a local shop at the Citadel, rookie cop Bob Spacelaw proves himself at his new job. After quickly catching the thief, the player takes control of Bob. Bob then stops a series of break ins, a group of teens loitering, and his biggest case, a missing old man.

After rising through the ranks, Bob takes interest in an arson case that everyone else is ignoring. After a thorough invetigation, Bob learns that the arsonist is the chief's son, and promptly backs down, as he doesn't want to get fired.

Retail EditionsEdit

Alongside the Standard Edition, there was a Collectors Edition which came with a Game Guide, a signed box and a 1:1 scale cloth map of space. When asked for comments on why they decided on the size of the map, a unanimous 'We messed up' was reached by the developers.

Other Games In The Space Cop SeriesEdit

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