The Basics

Steve Gaynor was a contributor to Idle Thumbs in its original form. He first came to the Idle Thumbs podcast to supply listeners with fresh, hot scoops. A veteran level designer who worked on Bioshock 2 and also a recurring guest on the podcast.

He also once worked as a level designer on the F.E.A.R. expansions for PC game developer TimeGate Studios in Houston TX, in ancient times.

He was also level designer on Bioshock 2 & then lead designer of the critically acclaimed Bioshock 2 expansion, "Minerva's Den." He then went on to work at Irrational Games Boston on Bioshock Infinite, in late 2010.

He then left Irrational in early 2012 in order to get back to it's roots in Portland,Oregon & created his independent game company called "The Fullbright Company" along with former Bioshock 2 coworkers Karla Zimonja & Johnnemann Nordhagen.

On the 15th October of 2013, Steve announced the creation of a new podcast on the Idlethumbs Network called "Tone Control: Conversations With Video Game Developers".

Fan Depiction of Steve Gaynor

During his earlier years, Steve was a young man when he encountered an evil surgeon in advanced technology & arm prothesis who equipped him with an evil arm called "The Hot Scoops" (not to be confused with "Scoops", a giant bomb manufactured by Klepek Industries) able to shatter the world at will. As he grew to learn & understand his new power ,he soon vowed to become a new superhero in his hometown of Portland.

Armed with his trusty Mateba revolver, Steve became "Hot Scoops", a masked superhero fighting for the greater Justice across the world along his trusty partner Video Games & the support of his mentor The Remo, a mighty magician with a beard.

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